Chris Edwards
Shannen Doherty - Heathers - 1988Heidi Burbela as Hooper Picalarro - "The Ghastly Grinner" Are You Afraid of the Dark - 1994Zelda Rubenstein- Poltergeist 3- 1988Diane Wiest- Parenthood- 1989Rosalind Russell- Auntie Mame-1958Oscar Wilde- Wit- c. 1890 Heather Matarazzo- Welcome to the Dollhouse- 1995Ruth Gordon- Rosemary's Baby- 1968Sandra Bernhard- David Letterman- Wearing Isaac Mizrahi- 1990Ruth Bader Ginsburg- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court- 2006 Robert Blake- Lost Highway- 1997Rose McGowan- Phantoms- 1998Kathy Bates- Fried Green Tomatoes- 1991Madeline Kahn- Clue- 1985Patrick Swayze- To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar- 1995Fairuza Balk- The Craft- 1996Alicia Silverstone- Clueless- 1995Jonathan Richman- I, Jonathan, 1992Parker Posey- Party Girl- 1995Emily Deschanel- Bones- 2005Sissy Spacek- Badlands- 1973Kathleen Hanna- Olympia- 1993Renée Zellweger- Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation- 1994Orson Welles-  F For Fake- 1974Anna Nicole Smith- Hudsucker Proxy- 1994