Chris Edwards
Quilt block made of cigarette packs collected from the side of the road by my dad and his friends. One of Jessica Fletcher's outfits from every episode of Murder She WroteThings I Love and Things I HateEvery solution to a game of Clue if the rows are weapons and the columns are rooms48 Female TV Characters BedroomsBox of GhostsEvery weapon Michael Myers used in the Halloween moviesTwo Versions of One StoryPosing CurtainStudio InstallationStudio InstallationStudio Installation Studio InstallationAgatha Christie (working towards completion)Brittany MurphyGladys Kravitz QuiltBeachEvery Contestant in Americas Next Top Model History Ranked By Who I Like the BestRags to RichesRug Made of All My ClothesShawnee SpecialBob's SneerTiny DogBob & Bob Broncos